My wildly popular Wee People Treasure Boxes! Wholesale for your shop!


You will receive:


- 10 of the large sized treasure boxes

- 5 of the small sized treasure boxes

- Free shipping within the USA to your shop.


Please allow two weeks for me to prepare your order before shipment. I custom-make these for your shop upon order. The photos you see are to show you examples of what you will be receiving. No two are ever the same. The hairstyles and colors always change per batch. Each one is completely hand-made, hand-built from wooden parts, hand-carved using my Dremel, and then distressed and painted, everything is done by me, by hand, in my home-studio. Thank you for supporting my artwork!

I will attach tags to each of the treasure boxes using a ribbon/string. I will leave off the pricing information on the tags so that you can add it if you choose to. Suggested retail is $40 for the large size and $30 for the small size.

15 (10 large + 5 small) WHOLESALE Wee People Treasure Boxes